PNA was conceptualized in 2012 to usher an era of ‘Obtainable Elegant Luxury’ in the realm of designer accessories. We curate bags out of anything which is non-leather with ingenuity and imagination. Our patrons are our inspiration. Each of our bag is uniquely handcrafted to excel the ever so high expectations of a clientele.


We, at PNA, believe in modern classism with vibrant colors. Our ‘Chief Curator’ makes sure that each of her creation exudes elegance and luxury. We have always believed in experimenting with new materials and designs which makes us an innovative brand in this realm. We love customizing designs for our patrons and match it to their style. We believe in the joy of giving; each PNA bag is designed with a sense to touch your heart, so that you can call it “your” bag!


Our bags have elegance, style and function that makes them unique. Each bag is designed and then handcrafted to enable you to carry your ‘art piece’ every time while maintaining the elegance and style. PNA is obtainable elegant luxury which combines fashion and usability in a way that would make you feel special and liberated.